Prospect Finding and Qualification

01. Introduction to Prospect Finding and Qualification

What does it take to be a great prospect researcher? It takes a variety of skills to be able to find great prospects, qualify them for your organisation or stakeholders, and communicate your research effectively. Your responsibilities might vary from day to day. One day you might be using a database or online resources to discover new prospects, the next you might be strategising with stakeholders or fundraisers about financial targets or sharing your research findings. 

This chapter aims to help any prospect researcher build the foundation of a good research strategy. While you read, try to think about what your research goals and intended outcomes might be while working on a project and why your research might be useful or necessary. How would you employ the following suggestions in your role?

While these tips and strategies aim to be universally applicable, remember that every organisation, and project, is unique. Remember to think creatively and to enjoy yourself!

Contents of this chapter

  • What is a prospect?
  • Finding prospects
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Disqualifications and barriers
  • Fact finding and sources of information
  • Commissioning research from a 3rd party
  • Presenting research
  • Standards
  • Professional development
  • Myths and misconceptions
  • Further resources

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