The Handbook is being published on a serialised basis meaning that whilst some of the chapters are already published and available, others have yet to be started. This page gives you an overview of the whole Handbook and lets you know the status of each chapter.

If you’ve been re-directed to this page, the chapter you’re looking for hasn’t yet been published. Handbook volunteers are working hard creating new content and the tables below let you know our progress.

Ethics Domain Chapters

Chapter TitleStatus
Due Diligence Research / Donation Acceptance / Ethical Risk AssessmentPublished
Data Protection and GDPR for Prospect ResearchPublished
Key Ethical Behaviours of Successful ResearchersPublished
Ethics Policy and ProceduresPublished
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Prospect Research Planned

Data Skills and Technical Skills Domain Chapters

Chapter TitleStatus
Prospect Finding and QualificationPublished
Gift Capacity and Wealth EstimationPublished
Online / Open Source Investigations / Web SearchIn progress
Reporting & Data VisualisationIn progress
Programming, Analytics, and DatabasesPlanned
Best Practice in Pipeline ManagementPublished
Strategic International ProspectingPublished
Effective Procurement for Tech and TrainingPlanned
Benchmarking – Cross-Checking Own Against Other Organisation’s PracticesPlanned

Career Domain Chapters

Chapter TitleStatus
New Researchers GuidePublished
The Prospect Research RolePublished
Scaling: Process/Templates/Examples of Different ModelsPlanned
Strategic Leadership of Operations/Research FunctionsPlanned
Meetings as a Prospect ResearcherPublished
Communicating Research ImpactfullyPublished
People ManagementPlanned
Recruitment for Prospect ResearchPlanned
Soft SkillsPublished
Innovative Approaches to ProspectingIn Progress
Starting a Prospect Research Function from ScratchPlanned
KPIs for Prospect ResearchPlanned

In addition to the above the Handbook also incorporates both a jargon-busting Glossary and a comprehensive Resource Directory. We will add to both of these as we continue creating new chapters.

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