Innovative Approaches to Prospect Research

This chapter of the Handbook is a little bit different, this is an anthology chapter housing case studies on innovation in prospect research. Here you’ll find real-life stories of those who have made a change for the better in their practice, however big or small.

We want to showcase and celebrate those who have found a smarter, quicker, more effective… just plain better way to do some part of their prospect research as a source of help and inspiration to others.

But first, we need your help!

Have you made something better?

We invite you to submit your own case study and tell the prospect research world all about it!

Case studies can cover any prospect research related activity, such as research and identification, working with fundraisers, pipeline management, due diligence, insight, and more. We’re especially keen to make sure we can share case studies from a wide range of organisations – big, small, micro… lots of different sectors.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started: have you:

  • Automated something that was previously done manually?
  • Identified a new constituency of potential prospects that your org was previously unaware of?
  • Introduced prospecting among new areas of wealth (cryptocurrency & blockchain, NFTs, etc)?
  • Come up with ways to make remote working easier or more secure for prospect researchers?
  • Used data from predictive modelling to identify major donors?
  • Incorporated a new research tool or service into your work?
  • Found a new way to use and get value from a tool or service you’ve already been using for a while?
  • Incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your research?
  • Worked with third parties such as consultants or external advisors in a different way?

We’d love you to share the what, where, when, why, who, and how with us as a case study! Once we start to receive your case studies, we’ll be adding them to this page – for now though we’re waiting for you to send them in!

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